Let's us help you keep your eyes on the road

We will meet you with good intentions and integrity! We take pride in our quality of work. Our mission is to keep you loaded with Top-Dollar Freight without all the headaches!

setup and complete carrier packets

W9, Certificate of Insurance (COI), NOA, Authority Letter, Carrier Agreement

Negotiation of best paying rates

We will negotiate with brokers and shippers to get you the best paying rate.

Assist Drivers with direction

We provide the best route planning to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

About Us

Bra&Ric Transportation was created doing these unprecedented time COVID-19.   I was laid off from my job not knowing where or who to turn to.  My son brought the trucking industry to my attention.  I knew it was a now or never situation.
We step out on faith knowing that if God brought it to me surely he will bring me through it.  We started out with five thousand thousands, purchasing two cargo vans and a box truck. I did not know anything about this industry.
So, after researching the trucking industry and speaking with other owners of trucking companies, Finally this created Bra&Ric Transportation LLC.
We have created three services to offer our customers; His & Her Dispatching Services, O/O Leasing Program, and Driver Referral Program.  With our past experience and networking we have been able to thrive through this pandemic.

Our Logistic Services

Our vision is to keep our truckers safely on the road with top paying loads; all while handling the back office work with integrity.

His and Her Dispatching Service

We teach dispatching 101, how to start a dispatching business,and keep truck drivers on the road without worrying about their back office.

Owner/Operator leasing program

We help truck owners make money by allowing them to lease under our dispatching service by running their truck OTR and get paid on a weekly basis.

Driver referral program

Driver's will earn money on every new carrier referral that signs up and continues to book loads with Bra&Ric.

Why Choose Us?

Bra&Ric Transportation provides a superior level of service when it comes to freight transportation, as long as the roads are open our trucks are rolling. We care about developing long term relationships with our brokers and shippers along with other carriers. We are a trucking Company focused on dependable service.

Fees Per Load

We negotiate on behalf of the driver to get the best possible load rates. This leads to increased revenue throughout the year.

Excellence Service

We perform a series of checks and balances to make sure you understand the requirements and have the tools you need to succeed.

Price Transparency

You will know exactly what your loads are worth without having to deal with multiple parties between you and the shipper.


Staying ahead of the COVID-19 situation

Bra&Ric recommends staying safe by washing hands often, wearing masks and using hand sanitizer after every delivery.

Truckers should avoid large crowds and social distance as much as possible. Our main focus is to make sure we all stay safe. 

The trucking Industry is essential that’s why it is important we do our part to HELP KEEP AMERICA SAFE!!

What Our Customers Are Saying